Grooming services


The small details count.


1. Cover those under eye circles “CONCEAL” use the RegimA Pigement Perfector or New Expressions Eye cream.

2. Even Skin Tone pick the perfect skin colour foundation by “KRAYOLAN’ use the RegimA Pigment Perfector to even out uneven skin tone or the Scar Repair for stubborn acne scarring.
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Professional Make up Lessons

page1_img1Day Make Up introduction to Make –up and skin care.

Day Make Up lesson is an ideal look for your everyday application of make-up. Giving you that natural glow and sun kissed look. Each step of the application is thoroughly demonstrated and explained. A make- up kit is advised. The therapist will explain skin care includes a complimentary eye brow shape. 2hrs R800.00

Evening Make-up

Make up application demonstrating how to achieve that elegant look for the perfect night out. 2hrs R800.00

Professional Make-up for events exclusively done by the make- up artist.
Trail Make-Up R300.00
Day Make- Up Application R400.00
Evening Make-Up Application R480.00
Bridal Make-Up Trail R450.00
Bridal Make – Up Application R1300.00


Massages are excellent to release any tension from the neck to the lower back. Massage helps to reduce stress promotes blood circulation supplying oxygen to our cells therefor leaving the body, mind and spirit relaxed.

Back massages include a back exfoliation and mini foot massage.

40min Back Massage R320.00
45min Back Massage R360.00
40Min Indian Head Massage R320.00
60min full body R500.00

Includes massage from back of shoulders, face & decollate

75 min Full Body Massage including a Full Body Exfoliation R590.00

Looking for a FULL BODY GLOW try the RegimA 60min RegimA Full Body Regnerating Body Peel R500.00

Wax Her

Lip thread/wax R55.00
Eyebrow thread/wax R55.00
Stomach Wax from R60.00
Bikini Wax from R120.00
Brazilian Wax R240.00
Hollywood Wax R260.00
Under arm Wax R85.00
Full arm wax R160.00
1/2arm wax R130.00
Full leg Wax R190.00
¾ wax R160.00
½ LEG Wax R145.00
Facial Thread or Wax R180.00

Wax Him

Chest or back R180.00
Full arm wax R190.00
1/arm wax R140.00
Full leg wax R240.00
¾ Leg wax R190.00
½ leg wax R170.00
Eye Treatments
Brow treatment R55.00
Lash treatment R85.00
Manicure & Pedicure

Standard Manicure R170.00
Standard Pedicure R250.00
Regimen Microdermabrasion Manicure R290.00
Regime Microdermabrasion Pedicure R290.00
Regimen Micro dermabrasion Manicure including paraffin dip R340.00
Regimen micro dermabrasion pedicure including paraffin dip R340.00


Are you pregnant? We will recommend suitable treatment options that are safe during pregnancy.
Please arrive 10/15 minutes early for your appointment to allow for a stress free registration. 24 hour notice on cancelled appointments applies; failure to dos so will result in a 50% cancellation fee.
Appointments booked during peak hours using a voucher will be considered redeemed.
Late arrival, treatment will be completed within the scheduled the, charge will remain the same.
If you are on medication or under medical supervisions please let us know.
First time lash or brow tint – patch test is recommended.

Treatment Package

Basic Facial + Back massage R550.00
Manicure and Pedicure R400.00